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a.     Change the following statements from Direct  to Indirect Speech

Example :         = Carolyn said, “I will behere at noon”
                         = Carolyn said that she wouldbethere at noon

1.     David said, “The plane will probably get in late”

= David said that the plane would probably get in late
2.     The boss said, “I have to finish this report by tomorrow night”

= The boss said that you had to finish that report by the night after / the following night 

3.     The doctor said, “She’ll get well quickly”

= The doctor said that her would get well quickly
4.     Richard said, “I saw the movie last week”

= Richard said that he did see the movie The week before / the previous week   

5.     Jane said, “I’ve read this book”

= Jane said that you have been read that book.       

6.     Suzanne said, “I can’t go out tonight”

= suzzane said that she could not go out tonight
7.     I said to her, ”Her answer is wrong”

= I said to her that her answer was wrong

8.     Ted said, “I send a letter to my father”

= ted said that he sent a letter to his father

9.     Rita said, “He broke the window”

= Rita said that he had broken the window               

10.   Mr. Hans said to me, “Your report was not completed”

= mrhans said to me that my report had not been completed

11.   My mother said, “I am cooking soup”

= my mother said that she was cooking soup          

12.   I said to the waitress, “The bill is wrong”

= I said to the waitress that the bill was wrong

13.   My friend said, “I have written this letter”

= my friend said that she had written that letter        

14.   Catherine said, “I know these girls quite well”

= Catherine said that she knew those girls quite well

15.   Mr. Johnson said, “My secretary didn’t finish the work”

=Mr. Johnson said that his secretaryhad not finish the work 

b.     Change the following Interrogative sentences from Direct  to Indirect Speech

Example :         = He asked me, “How long have you workedhere?”
                         = He asked me how long I had workedthere

                         = He asked me, “Will you stayhere?”
                         = He asked me if I would staythere

1.     Mr. Carter asked me, “Where are you going?”

= Mr. Carter asked me where i was going

2.     John asked her, “Can you play a piano?”

= John asked her if i could play a piano

3.     Ross asked me, “Did you mail this letter for me?”

= ross asked me if I had mailed that letter for her

4.     I asked the shopkeeper, “What is the price of this tie?”

= I asked the shopkeeper what the price was of that tie          

5.     She asked me, “When will you get back from your trip?”

=She asked me when i would get back from my trip

6.     He asked her, “What time is it?”

=He asked her what     

7.     He asked me, “How long have you studied English?”

=He asked me how long i had study english            

8.     They asked her. “Do you know Mr. Albert?”

=They asked her if i known Mr. Albert        

9.     Mr. Farrell asked me, “How soon can you pay back the money?”

=Mr. Farrell asked me how soon i could pay back the money

10.   My mother asked him, “Did you sleep here last night?”

= My mother asked him if he have slept here last night           

11.   Mr. Johnson asked Mary, “Have you finished typing the document?”

=Mr. Johnson asked Mary if she have finished typing the document   

12.   She asked me, “When did you call me?”

= she asked me when i had called her      

13.   The woman asked me, “Where can I find the director’s office?”

= The woman asked me where i could find the director’s office             

14.   The agent asked me, “When do you plan to leave for South America?”

= The agent asked me when i plan to leave for Soouth America            

15.   The teacher asked me. “have you completed the test ?”

= The teacher asked me if i had completed the test 

c.             Change the following sentence from Direct to Indirect Speech

Example :         = He said to me, “Come back home soon”
                         = He told me to come back home soon

                         = He said to me, “Don’t go to bed late”
                         = He told me not to go to bed late

1.     My husband said to me, “Wait for me outside”

= My husband toldme to wait for his outside

2.     The teacher said to us, “Don’t make so much noise”

= The teacher told us not to make so much noise

3.     He said to me, “Try to come on time”

= He told me to try come on time

4.     He begged us, “Please send me money at once”

= He told us to send his money at once

5.     He asked us, “Please sit down for a few minutes”

= He told us to sit down for a few minutes

6.     She said to me, ”Don’t forget what I have told you”

= she told me not to forget what you have told me

7.     He said to me angrily, “Don’t make the same mistake anymore”

= he told me angrily not to make the same mistake anymore

8.     The doctor said, “Come back again tomorrow”

= The docter told me to come back again tomorrow

9.     I said to him, “Don’t call me again at this late hour”
= I told him not to call me again at this late hour
10.   He begged me, “Please don’t mention this to Margaret”

= he told me not to mention this to Margaret

11.   I said to the boy, “Put the package inside the door”

= I told the boy to put the package inside the door

12.   The teacher said to us, “Type your compositions”

= The teacher told us to type our compositions

13.   I said to him, “Don’t ever try this  trick again”

= I told him not to ever try this trick again

14.   Mother said to me, “Look out the window, but don’t open it”

= Mother told me to look out the window, but don’t open it

15.   The teacher said to us, “Pay more attention to what I say”

= the teacher told us to pay more attention to what i say

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